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6 Tips to Deliver on Deadline

  1. Start with the specifics

    When exactly is the deadline? Clarify whether "end of the week" means 5 p.m. Friday or first thing Friday morning. And hammer down the results: What does your client want? How will they measure your effectiveness?

  2. Negotiate

    Better to do it now rather than later. Is the deadline realistic? Suggest alternative dates, or work out what other tasks you should put on hold in order to give the deadline the attention it deserves.

  3. Break the task down

    "Complete big project by Friday" is not an action item. Start with the biggest tasks and break them down into individual steps that have their own deadlines

  4. Build in a buffer

    As you schedule individual tasks, give yourself a cushion. Mark the due date a few days ahead of the actual deadline so you have time to deal with changes or last-minute emergencies.

  5. Make it OK for people to ask for help

    No one gets extra points for trying to be a hero. It’s far better for the team (and your client) if employees admit early on that they need more time or extra manpower. Check in often; your job as the leader is to help the team remove potential roadblocks before they become full-flown crises.

  6. Get Started

    Don't end the first project-planning meeting without assigning everyone a next step and a deadline. This will help the team focus on the small steps in front of them and not the magnitude of the project ahead.

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3 Steps to Prepare For your Krispy Kreme Day

  1. Kick Off
    • Have some activity, preferably upbeat and fun, where you announce the fundraiser and challenge everybody to participate.
    • Structure the sale period to last no more than 10 days.
      • Example: Kick it off on Friday and have the first turn-in for money and orders the following Friday with a final turn-in on Monday.
      • This allows two weekends for sales.
  2. Pre-sell
    • Collect the money from customers as they order. Challenge everyone to reach the goal.
    • Have an incentive for each person that reaches individual goals, for example, "Extra library time" … "Extra PE time" … "Free ticket to the school dance" … "Ticket to a special assembly or school program" … "Free time in the Gym or Computer Lab."
  3. Doughnut Day
    • Order your Doughnuts for "Doughnut Day."
    • Call your store to arrange for pick-up or delivery.
    • Doughnuts are made fresh and should be delivered to the customers that day or no later than the following day.
    • On Doughnut Day your sale is over, and you have your money for your fundraiser.
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