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fundraising forms and faqs

Is it really profitable?
YES! Last year we helped raise over $39 Million for educational, religious and charitable organizations.
What if there's no Krispy Kreme shop in my town?
Many customers tell us that the distance actually makes their FUNDRAISER even more profitable (their customers are especially excited to get fresh Krispy Kremes without making a special trip!).
How much dough can we raise?
With profit margins of 50% - 60+% on average, your group really can raise a lot of dough! Please know that while we provide suggested selling prices as a guide, your group can set your own prices. Our shop Team Members will be happy to provide you with guidance and tips to help you make the most money.
How much time does it take?
Your FUNDRAISER can be completed in as little as one-day to two weeks. Some groups choose to hold a 1-day sale while others take orders from customers for a one- to two-week period. Since this fundraiser is easily repeatable during the year, you can even choose to do both options from time to time.
How often can we hold a FUNDRAISER?
That's up to you – some groups hold them monthly (& even weekly) since they're popular throughout the year. Our unique "repeatability factor" also simplifies ongoing administration and implementation for you!
Who qualifies?
Both for-profit organizations and not-for-profit organizations may be approved to conduct a Krispy Kreme Fundraiser when the Fundraiser proceeds will be fully used to benefit a group/cause that is one of the following types (verification required for approval): EDUCATIONAL – proceeds are being used to support a school or educational institution or a school-related organization (e.g., club/student/parent group; athletics; band/choral; school equipment; student development; scholarships). RELIGIOUS – proceeds are being used to support faith-based activities or church-related organizations (e.g., youth group; missions; benevolent programs; building fund; congregational support). CHARITABLE – proceeds are being used to support a registered 501(c) charitable organization. COMMUNITY – proceeds are being used to support community-based activities devoted exclusively to charitable, educational, or recreational purposes and not for individual or commercial gain.
What if we have a small group?
Krispy Kreme FUNDRAISING works for groups of most any size. With very low minimum orders (usually 25-50 items), your small group can easily hold a "1-day" sale direct to the public at sports events, community activities, and even outside local businesses (with their approval)…anywhere hungry folks might gather can work!
Is it really successful?
Over $39 Million was raised in 2015 with Krispy Kreme FUNDRAISING! Groups have been raising dough with us since 1955!
How many dozen can I get in my car?
Great question…and of course, it depends on your car. With an empty trunk and open back seat, you should be able to fit 50-100 dozen in most cars (plus…you'll have the best smelling car in the neighborhood too!).
What about delivery?
Many of our shops have the capability to provide delivery to you with minimum orders (generally around 300 dozen or more). Contact your preferred shop to learn more about availability and cost.

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