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krispy kreme fundraising page
krispy kreme fundraising page



Krispy Kreme Fundraising helped organizations raise approximately $37 million last year alone to support their initiatives.

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Our Pre-Sale fundraising option is a great choice for an extended fundraising window and to purchase only as many products as you need. Use the Pre-Sale order forms to keep track of your donations.  Once your fundraising activity closes, tally up your orders and deliver doughnuts to your supporters. Shops require a minimum lead time of 72 hours for all fundraising orders.

First, download the order forms and collect orders from your supporters. Then, come back here and place your order.

Virtual Fundraising


Take your fundraising online with Digital Dozens - a virtual and convenient way to raise money. Sell Original Glazed dozens virtually to friends and family, and distribute redemption codes via email. Your supporters will then be able to redeem in-shop.
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Digital Dozens

Raise Funds Quickly


Need to raise funds quickly? Our One-Day Sale fundraising option is fun and fast!  Pick a day and location for your fundraiser, purchase a selection of available Krispy Kreme products, and watch the dozens disappear! Shops require a minimum lead time of 72 hours for all fundraising orders.
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Tips for Fundraising

How do I find the cost?

Fundraising pricing varies based on your location. For In Shop Fundraising, Pre-Sale or One-Day Sale, go here ( Enter your location and select the shop you would like to work with. Select the Check Pricing link on the bottom left to download. For Digital Dozens, complete your application and we will let you know what pricing will be based on your location.

Spread the word about your fundraiser

Reach out to your friends and family via phone, email, text or social media. Let them know about your fundraising goals and how they can support your organization. Send them to or our mobile app to learn more about Krispy Kreme shop locations and our mouth watering Original Glazed Doughnuts.

What size organizations do you work with?

We work with all types of organizations! We have a minimum fundraising purchase of 25 items, so it is the perfect option for any group!

What is the difference between Traditional Fundraising and Digital Dozens?

Traditional Fundraising, also known as In Shop Fundraising, gives you an opportnity to partner with a local shop and fundraise with fresh doughnuts, paper certificates, BOGO Cards or Coffee. Digital Dozens on the other hand is for certificates only - these certificates are distributed via email for redemption in any shop!

How far in advance should I place my order?

We do require an order to be placed 72 hours in advance at a minimum. The shop you have selected will contact you back within 48 hours to confirm. The more lead time you can provide, the better! This helps us to ensure the date and time you are interested in is available and all the product can be more fresh for you and your supporters!


Krispy Kreme Fundraising was created in 1955 to provide a way for qualifying community organizations to raise funds for their worthwhile causes. Last year alone, Krispy Kreme Fundraising helped organizations raise approximately $37 million to support their initiatives. Whether you are fundraising on behalf of your school, religious group, sports team, or charitable organization, Krispy Kreme Fundraising is here to help you Raise some Dough! 

Visit our Fundraising FAQs for more information.
*Our facilities produce products with peanuts, tree nuts, soy, milk, eggs, and wheat. We cannot guarantee that any other products are safe to consume for people with any of these allergies. 

**Krispy Kreme Fundraising pricing structure reflects our commitment to helping organizations and groups raise funds for their causes and is not intended to provide discounted pricing for personal gain and/or commercial profit.
1. Organizations and causes must qualify in order to be an approved fundraiser. Approved organizations must be the recipient of the funds and these funds must be used within the United States.​

2. Yes, Krispy Kreme has the right to deny, revoke approval, cancel, terminate, or modify the terms, duration, or any other aspect of any fundraiser, at its sole discretion, with or without cause or notice, and without any liability.  By requesting a fundraiser, the fundraising organization agrees to comply with and be bound by Krispy Kreme’s terms of use and privacy policy for Programs located at

3. Fundraising organizations must clearly state in all materials related to the Fundraiser that Krispy Kreme does not sponsor, endorse, or is in any way affiliated with the fundraising organization or the fundraising purpose.

4. All active fundraising programs must end after 90 days. Fundraising renewals must requalify based on eligibility criteria.