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Scam Alert

Due to the rise of modern scam artists, we at Krispy Kreme want you to stay informed and continue to protect your personal information and money. Scammers have developed creative tactics to mimic our messaging and communicate false opportunities to consumers. As a result, this page is dedicated to reporting these potential scams and informing consumers of the risks scam artists pose. The best way to protect yourself against imposters is to remain alert online and to be certain who the recipient of any communication is prior to disseminating personal information to them.
Scam artists have recently advertised that you can earn a weekly stipend of $500/week by joining a Krispy Kreme auto decal campaign. Please know that Krispy Kreme does not offer any decal advertising campaigns. If you have received a communication of this nature, please know this is a scam. You will not be paid to advertise any Krispy Kreme products on your vehicle.
Additionally, we have received several emails reporting fraudulent franchising opportunities and fraudulent attempts to procure supplies/services on behalf of Krispy Kreme, Inc. These scams have been elaborate and contain information that may appear authentic.  They appear to share official Krispy Kreme documentation and request a wire payment.  If you believe you may have been subject to these or any other potential scams, please contact our legal department at:
If a situation is at all unsettling, please feel free to contact our legal department to confirm the authenticity of an opportunity or any other communication.